• jazz

    Education, culture and time for our districts

    25 years offering complementary teaching to students and professionals of different sectors in the Summer University of Adeje. July is typically the month for learning, education and culture. These...
  • Welcome to the fun

    Welcome to Santa Cruz de Tenerife, a city which offers a wide array of attractive leisure options. On this occasion, I invite you to wander around, to chat with...
  • 1280px-Tenerife_Playa_El_Duque_R03

    June, a month of ease and traditions

    June is a month for exploring Adeje and getting to know some of its most important historical heritage; it is a time of peace and quiet before the summer...
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  • sony camara

    Foremost brands choose Tenerife

    Such foremost brands as Sony Ericsson, Audi, Thompson, Pringles, Kellogg’s, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen Golf or Hyundai have filmed some of their most spectacular adverts on the island of Tenerife. Film, TV and publicity...
  • dia11

    Santa Cruz in Carnival

    Welcome to the greatest, safest and most enjoyable Carnival, a unique party, for adults and children, full of joy, music and colour. Whether you are staying in the capital,...
  • animal-17474_640

    The House of the Primates

    In the borough of Puerto de la Cruz we find a typical Canary house painted yellow (hence its name) which, at first sight, does not seem very different from...
  • martinique-844982_640

    Amaro Pargo, the corsair of Tenerife

    The Canaries were constantly under the threat of regular attacks of pirates (outlawed seafarers) and corsairs (who plundered ships in the name of their king). The islands were normally...
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