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    Nature holidays

    If you want to spend your holidays in a different way, take advantage of somewhere as unique as Tenerife and its nature holiday accommodation: you will feel an uncommon...
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    Tour the capital of Tenerife with Virus Bike which, in addition to recommended circuits around the island, adapts to your needs with personalised itineraries. Start at the Auditorium of...
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    Erjos-Las Portelas

    The walk starts in the town square of Erjos (borough of Los Silos), beside the TF-82 road, which we cross to arrive at Calle Las Cruces and take the...
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  • Foto vía Wikipedia Commons: Pamela Heywood

    Nuestra Señora de África Market

    One of the unmissable spots of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is Nuestra Señora de África market, right in the heart of the capital. Its colonial architecture with spacious patios full...
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    Restaurants. Three recommendations

    1 Nuevo Kabuki (Guía de Isora). The Ritz Carlton Abama Hotel has moved its Abama Kabuki restaurant (one Michelin star) to the Clubhouse. This is one of the best...
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    Canary stew

    Ingredients 2 corns on the cob 1 sweet potato 3 potatoes 1 medium piece of pumpkin 1 vegetable marrow 2 carrots Half a medium cabbage 300 gr. of green...
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    Huevos mole (egg fluff dessert)

    Ingredients: 250 grams of sugar 10 egg yolks ½ litre of water Lemon rind Cinnamon stick Preparation Beat the yolks in a bowl and leave. Prepare syrup putting the...
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    Santa Cruz in Carnival

    Welcome to the greatest, safest and most enjoyable Carnival, a unique party, for adults and children, full of joy, music and colour. Whether you are staying in the capital,...
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    The House of the Primates

    In the borough of Puerto de la Cruz we find a typical Canary house painted yellow (hence its name) which, at first sight, does not seem very different from...
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    Amaro Pargo, the corsair of Tenerife

    The Canaries were constantly under the threat of regular attacks of pirates (outlawed seafarers) and corsairs (who plundered ships in the name of their king). The islands were normally...
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    Interview with The Dire Straits Experience

    Is not the first time you come to Tenerife, in fact, you were here last year and a lot of people couldn’t attend to the concert. Will this be...
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